Storytelling and Integrated Arts Workshop

A workshop for teachers designed to give them hands-on practical tools to use in their classrooms to promote creative language and storytelling.

We so enjoyed this opportunity. Our teachers left the PD day invigorated, inspired, informed, and ready to bring in new ideas to their practice. The morning with Samantha was challenging (in a good way), creative, and inspiring. It helped our teachers learn ways to integrate the Arts to bring out the creative energy and spirit needed to create original texts and think of language in new ways. Our teachers so enjoyed their time with her.
— Kirk Linton (principal)

Sharing Music and Culture: A Workshop on Community Engagement

Explore methods and strategies of teaching music and culture in community.

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Mentorship and Guidance in creating effective and engaging outreach

As Education Advisor for Calgary Pro Musica and a teaching artist for the National Arts Centre Samantha has mentored young musicians to help them create effective and engaging outreach.  She also works as a mentor for musical groups or musicians who want to refine their teaching artistry skills.

Samantha was an inspiring mentor, and our sessions with her were enthusiastic, thorough, imaginative and practical. She pushed us to realize our potential, encouraged us past our doubts, and ensured our success, putting our long-term goals into better perspective.
— Bow Trio 2018