Where can I get more of Samantha Whelan’s CD’s? They are the only stories my children want to listen to in the car when we travel...I had 4 hours of the forest fire faires just yesterday...
— Cate (mother of 2)

More rocky mountain fairy tales


“It’s a little known secret some fairies change color when the seasons turn and that is how I first met the purple fairies.”

This CD 'more rocky mountain fairy tales', is the highly anticipated follow up to the very successful original rocky mountain fairy tales. The disc continues the much-loved stories of outdoor adventure while introducing kids to the purple fairies and the funky rhythms of jazz.

Project creator Samantha Whelan Kotkas developed and produced this project in collaboration with fellow Calgarian, Tyler Hornby – a jazz drummer and composer – who brought the stories musically to life. The resulting 68-minute recording features four original narrated stories, four original catchy jazz tunes and showcases some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians.

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...earlier this year, we moved to Dubai and your cd was among the boxes we brought. One night, my younger son who is now 5, brought it to me and we agreed to play it after lights out at bedtime. And that was the beginning...every night since, the boys insist on hearing the stories ... whether it’s the music, the story, the reminder of the Canadian Rockies...I’m not sure. But they love it to death. Thanks for that! If you ever produce another, I would be interested in hearing it!!!
— Kelly (mother of 2 boys)

rocky mountain fairy tales


Similar to Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, rocky mountain fairy tales enchant and educate young listeners as they set out on adventures accompanied by the four instrument families of a symphony orchestra.

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