Winter Solstice is an orchestral Rocky Mountain Fairy Tale about a girl cross-country skiing into "the very majestic, magnificent and mysterious Mt. Assiniboine". On her journey, she and her friends prepare for a trek that threatens avalanches and teaches them to expect the unexpected. 

This performance features the symphony orchestra and sends a special message to the audience about the commitment and dedication it takes to become an orchestral musician - or to do anything in life well.

The story is told by a solo narrator who sings, dances and interacts with the musicians and the audience. The use of dramatic lighting, seven banners of original artwork hung above the orchestra and audience participation add to the excitement of this 45-minute show.

Original Score: Keon Birney

Original Story: Samantha Whelan Kotkas

Original Art Work: Lynne Huras

Lighting Design: Tim Cole and Madeline Ell

Movement Coach: Trina Rasmuson, Michelle Malmberg, Sarisa de Figueroa de Toledo



2015 - Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

2014 - Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

2011 - Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

2008 - Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

2006 - Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra